Monday, January 18, 2010

Dissipating My Time

The whole day stretched out in front of me like a sparkling untouched field of snow. My heart longed for time spent in secluded worship and intimate reconnecting with God. Fast forward to night time. What happened to all those hours? What happened to my admirable intentions? Tossing restlessly, I rewound and played the video of the day. I sadly viewed so many choices I made that dribbled away my time. I had a hazy picture of the woman in the Song of Solomon whose lover knocked on the door while she lazily delayed in getting up. She missed him. And I missed my special time with the Lord that day. I drifted off to sleep with many questions and few answers.

How do I manage my time in a godly way when distractions abound – always something to do other than my central desires. Distractions eat away at my dedicated focus, Errands nibble away at my daily treasure trove of time. Curiosity pulls me away from the pursuit of assigned challenges. I live a vicariously adventurous life through reading rather than creating my own adventure through sacrificial risky faith. I grab present opportunities and things rather than summoning the unseen into being on my knees.

So how do I want to live? Lord, open my eyes to recognize the lurking enemy and his clever strategies to water down my passion and to dissipate the time and energy of a life dedicated to his service. Give me the courage and determination to refuse to wash my time and energy down the drain with temporal interests and alluring curiosities. And give me discernment to see the difference between needed rest and distractions! In the midst of the cacophony of distractions, help me discern your still small voice gently directing me, and let me care deeply about what you think about my time stewardship. May my time decisions delight you!

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