Saturday, January 24, 2009

No Substitute for an Expert

I’m finally online! I bought this sweet little computer several weeks ago – works like a charm and slides into my purse nicely for travel. Only problem was that it could not connect to the internet using our USB modem. We have transported this little beauty back and forth across town to our internet service provider for the last week. Three charming computer techs had a go at it in various turns. We swapped for an upgraded SIM card (for a price). And finally were advised to downgrade my up-to-the-minute computer to Service Pack 2 that would be more compatible with the USB modem! With this dubious advice, we sped our way to a nearby computer store that had previously helped us exterminate a worm from our computer. After explaining our problem we reluctantly handed over our new baby to the computer tech complete with passwords and their promise to return it to us by the next day.

Within one hour we had a call back that we could come to pick up our computer! It’s true! He had made several minor changes in internet settings that allowed my new computer to connect to the internet like it was created to do. My computer savvy husband was embarrassed that he had missed it. Three friendly smart computer techs had also failed to spot the problem! As we drove home I was reminded of two things. First, how important it is to go to the right person with the right knowledge and expertise. A friendly smile, a good listening ear, or even a title or position are not necessarily the qualifications that make someone an “expert,” but they sure do help ease the pain of the irritation.

Secondly, no problem is unsolvable if the right person is involved! My computer problem loomed as an impossible situation, at least a frustratingly hopeless situation; and we seriously considered compromising for the sake of finding a solution. Yet, just around the corner was an expert waiting to be invited to apply his knowledge.

I was reminded of a Scripture I had been meditating on for the last week, “He [God] will be the sure foundation for your times, a rich store of salvation and wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is the key to this treasure” (Isa 33:6 NIV). So many times in ministry I have reached the boiling point of frustration and sense of hopelessness. But this Scripture reminds me that for sure God is the expert in every area within my imagination and is just around the corner waiting for me to come for his help. And he does it with a smile and a listening ear and experienced expertise!

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